Limiting Beliefs

The Monkey Trap

'Create your future from your future, and not from your past'...wise saying indeed. This wise statement has to do with letting go and not holding on to the past. There's usually some limiting belief holding us back from unlocking our true potential. The monkey trap is a great metaphor of this. When the monkey squeezes its empty hand into a narrow-mouthed bottle and grabs the contents inside it is then unable to pull out its filled becomes trapped! The only way to get its hand back out and set itself free is by 'letting go' of the object. This is a powerful life principle. What I find fascinating is that most life principles can actually be demonstrated with a physical example. Never let your past define you! Define yourself by what you're going to do, your ambitions...let this excite you or fuel your drive. Do some introspection today, this week, and examine what beliefs, what event, or what social conditioning is holding you back from just being as happy and as carefree as you were when you were a child.