What Is the 'Success Dashboard'

What the Success Dashboard is about

The Success Dashboard is your ultimate 'go-to' resource for productivity and success principles and strategies from the best minds and resources in the world. It has videos, pdfs, documents, workbooks and a wealth of knowledge distilled from the best in the world and is continuously updated with extremely valuable lessons AT LEAST weekly! Also, some of the lessons (videos or writings) would be 'draft ones', meaning that we'll also improve some of the existing material over time, so don't be taken aback when you see an improved version of the same lesson or module you read before. Don't worry, we'll not only inform you, but have a 'log' or record of every revision that we make, so just in case something confuses you..highly unlikely..but just in case, we'll be able to track back to clear things up.

We call this area a 'Dashboard' since we found that having all the information properly organized in one central hub or 'dashboard' was the best way to actually use the information or put it to practical use, as opposed to bits of information here-and-there and scattered amongst blogs which you just read, feel inspired for an hour, then forget.

Plus, improving yourself is actually a process with defined steps which must be done in a particular order and in a particular way. At the core, it's about re-defining or reinventing yourself and trust me, that's a constant process, but oh boy, it's worth it, because you start to see some pretty decent results fast! The courses out there are good, but a lot of the theory is now outdated and a whole set of theory, let's say on 'goal setting' can be so 'winded', you get discouraged after reading/watching Module 1!

Now, we understand, that someone who comes to the 'Success Dashboard' could just as easily be overwhelmed with all the information and not know where to begin. For this we have done 2 important things:

  1. We have structured every module and lesson here so they are in a particular order and in accordance with the scientific process of improving yourself. When we release material, it will be placed here in its appropriate area and position to maintain this flow. Of course, each module and lesson can by all means be helpful on its own, so let's say at some point you wish to log in and read about, 'how to stay motivated', or you wish to get a reminder on 'how to prioritize' or 'how to set goals', you can surely come here and do that, then log out..no need to go through everything🙂! Keep in mind though, that overall, there is a progressive order to the modules and lessons.
  2. Secondly, the section called 'Productivity In Action' is an active program...sort of a bootcamp, which is designed to take you through that system or process of productivity over a month, with the goal of actually making you more productive and producing for you an action written plan with clarity and focus.

Note: Just wanted to make mention that while we strive to make sure that all the material here is free of typos and grammatical/punctuation issues, please be reminded that we may make the occasional error from time to time. If you do come across such, please just let us know via a text or email and tell us where you noticed it. Thanks a lot in advance👍!