My Philosophy..reiterated!

My Philosophy

You probably read the following from me already, or heard me say it, but I believe it's worth repeating!

I have a 'Happy New Day' mindset. This philosophy will help you as well..a great deal! Many folks don't live to see another day..go and check the's staggering how much perfectly healthy folks go to bed, then just never wake up again! When you open your eyes in the morning, thank God for gifting you with another day to try again, to continue on the right path, to improve and become better, to tackle that problem again from a new angle, to forget the hurt and disappointment and smile at the blessings you have, to discover and embrace your purpose. So, treat each day like it's a new year, because truly, this is the greater gift! Enjoy the journey...even the struggles, by looking at yourself from 'outside your body' (hope I didn't lose you there)😁..and don't put your happiness on pause until you get to the destination, because you don't know when that'll come, or if you'll even get there!